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The summer heat and humidity can really do a number on your skin – zapping water and nutrients that can have you feeling a bit like a prune! Not to worry, this month we’re offering 20% OFF our most hydrating treatments to give your skin back its glow from head to toe. Here’s how you can treat yourself all during the month of September.

B3 Signature Chocolate Massage

If you’re going to rehydrate your skin, you might as well enjoy the process. Detoxify your body with our indulgent Signature Chocolate Massage, a customer favorite that will leave your skin feeling good enough to eat. You probably knew that chocolate contains super powerful antioxidants, and the same rings true for this decadent body treatment. Lay back and relax while your massage therapist applies pure cocoa, which will go to work flushing out any summer impurities while it encourages the regeneration of fresh, new skin cells. After 90 minutes of kneading away at sore muscles and releasing built-up toxins, you’ll leave feeling better than new.

Treatment Time: 90 minutes
Regular Price: $205
Special Price: $168

Vitamin C Facial

The summer rays can do major damage to the skin and when left untreated, you could be faced with dryness, dark spots, fine lines, and wrinkles. So this autumn, give your complexion the mega-boost of moisture it deserves with our Vitamin C Facial. Using L-absorbic acid to allow Vitamin C to be directly absorbed into the skin, this intense treatment helps revitalize the skin while fading discoloration and brown spots, resulting in a bright complexion that’s hydrated and revitalized. Vitamin C is a necessary combatant against sun damage, but since the body doesn’t naturally produce it, we need to make sure we’re adding it to our beauty repertoire. At 20% off all this month, it’s a perfect time to give this new treatment a try and fall in love with the results.

Treatment Time: 60 minutes
Regular Price: $170
Special Price: $142

These specials are available through the month of September but be quick because these deals won’t last!