Steam/Sauna feel your best

The Body by Brooklyn Wet Lounge:

A luxury European Hydrotherapy Spa experience unique in

New York City!

Take the B3 CURE

Rejuvenate with Swedish Sauna, Russian Sauna, Turkish Bath, Hot Tub, Cold Plunge Pool and Power Showers. Ahh…water!

Download our Wet Lounge How-to Guide to get maximum benefits from our steam, bath and sauna health spa. The Guide has detailed instructions on four Wet Lounge cycles:

  • Relaxation
  • Detoxification
  • Energy Restoration
  • Hangover Relief

Begin with a therapeutic drink and follow our step-by-step instructions for alternating cycles of steaming, showers, soaking, stretching, sauna and suggested massage therapy. Devote a few hours to your own wellness and reap the rewards all week long!

The Benefits of the Bath Spa

Throughout the ages, cultures around the world have recognized the health benefits of hot/cold water therapies to flush the organs and energize the body. Only recently has the concept begun to increase in popularity in the United States as we become more aware of the necessity for health maintenance and preventative care.

At Body by Brooklyn you can choose to partake in one of the many rejuvenating spa services offered, or simply check in to enjoy the facilities. Step through the glass doors of our famous “Wet Lounge” area and you will feel transported to another time.

You’ll enjoy the therapeutic benefits of the Russian Sauna, Swedish Sauna, Turkish Aroma Steam room, Thermal Hot tub, and Cold Plunge pool at your leisure. Stay for an hour or the entire day – all for the nominal entrance fee of $45.00. No need to call ahead, so take the plunge – without reservations!

*Robes, towels and private lockers are provided. Please bring your own bathing suit and flip flops. Bathing suit and flip flops must be worn at all times. We sell them at the front desk but there is no guarantee that we will have your size. Reservations are not required

Become a member today and enjoy unlimited use of the Wet Lounge!



Built with several tons of River Rock our Russian Bath will detoxify and relax the body. The Sauna is also an excellent way to improve circulation as well as support the body’s immune system. Enjoy a Platza treatment while basking in the heat.



A traditional wood sauna which will help relieve stress and aching muscles. (160-200 degrees) This sauna is complimented by inhalation therapy oils and a slight bit of humidity as you may add water to a trough to release the intoxicating effects of aromatherapy.



This steam room combines the therapeutic effect of moist heat with inhalation therapy. The center piece of this room is a traditional Hearth Stone table. Lie on this heated stone table while your therapist performs one of several treatments such as a body wash, scrub or a Platza treatment. (115 degrees). There is a conveniently located cold Tsunami Shower inside the steam room to finish your session.



Dip into 52 degree water after using the steams or saunas to constrict the blood vessels and increase efficiency of the body’s organs. Great for rejuvenation!



Relax and enjoy while gentle currents of super heated water melt away the day’s stress and ease tired and sore muscles. (102- 104 degrees)



To enhance the purifying effect of the baths, we recommend alternating the treatments with a Cold Water Plunge or Shower. Alternating hot and cold temperatures dilates and constricts blood vessels and encourages blood flow, accelerating the natural cleansing process of the body while increasing the body’s immune system. Elixirs, juices and water are available for re-hydration.