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Body by Brooklyn’s Menu of Facials

Is Body by Brooklyn the #1 facial salon in Brooklyn, New York? Many of our clients say we give the best facial in New York! You’ll love our new Glo Treatments—designed to leave your skin ultra-clean and radiant. See our complete menu of beauty treatment services here.



All skin types

Microdermabrasion fusses beauty and health into a single treatment, providing a safe alternative to invasive, skin-resurfacing techniques or surgery. Best of all, this non-surigical “lunchtime facial” accommodates even the most frantic of schedules. Ideal for treating sun-damaged skin, age spots, fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars, black heads and enlarged pores, Microdermabrasion promotes a youthful appearance.

Micro Facial $174
Series of 6 or more $164 (per treatment)
Back Treatment $189
Neck and Chest $189

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Return to nature to find youthful radiant skin in this six part
rejuvenating facial treatment. A certified organic, health
boosting facial designed to reduce the appearance of fine
lines, relax facial tension, uplift and tone the facial muscles,
increase blood and lymphatic circulation, deliver a surge of
deep hydration, to leave skin healthy, balanced and

$140 / 60 min.

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All skin types

This facial is specially tailored to a man’s skin. Designed to appeal to your senses, it provides relief from razor burn, ingrown hair and skin irritations, while replenishing necessary nutrients lost during the shaving process. Excellent for soothing irritation or as a stand-alone facial treatment.

$134 / 60 min.

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Salicylic Acid Peel

This powerful antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant acid peel exfoliates acne and sun damaged skins while killing bacteria and deep cleansing pores. We can peel you lightly or deeply depending on your needs and comfort level. Dramatic results will be seen in just 3-6 treatments.

$164 / 60 min.


Lactic Acid Peel

Dry, dehydrated, and aging skin types will love this 15% peel that looks like blackberry sauce and gives back as much as it takes away. Lactic acid is gentler than glycolic, but still very effective at removing that dead outer layer of skin. Packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, this peel will help your skin hold on to all the moisture the hydrating mask provides. Skin is soft, dewy. Fine lines are minimized.

$154 / 60 min.


Enzyme Peel

With fruit enzymes to dissolve dead skin, and 5% salicylic acid to smooth texture and fight blemishes, this treatment is perfect if you want something stronger then a regular facial, but are not quite ready for an acid peel

$149 / 60 min.


Glo Brightening/Lightening Facial

Brightening Polish with jojoba beads and natural skin lightening ingredients removes dead skin and debris while working towards evening out skin tone and fading dark spots. Powerful serums left on your skin, continue to battle discolorations for the rest of the day!

$139 / 60 min.


Deep Pore Cleansing Facial

Everyone’s acne is different, and acne may not be your only concern. So we customize a facial specific to your concerns and skin type, also adding a lot of extractions and exfoliation where needed. We will also design a skin care plan to help you maintain your results between facials.

$149 / 60 min.


Glo Pumpkin Enzyme Facial

Detox sun damaged skin by drawing out impurities and oily build up with our NEW healing facial treatment. We apply pumpkin enzyme scrub blended with gentle exfoliants to break down dull rough skin, without damaging or irritating healthy skin. Afterwards, a seaweed mask is applied, offering herbal ingredients to nourish and purify the skin. Excellent for skin recovering from exfoliation or for skin simply in need of healthy, calming attention.

$124 / 60 min.


Calming Facial

Sensitive Skin type

This soothing and nourishing treatment helps reduce redness and irritation for a hydrated glow. Designed for people with delicate skin who have a tendency for rosecea, redness or generally irritable skin.

$124 / 60 min.

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A full body massage, or shiatsu treatment is a great beginning or end to a facial or body treatment. Afterwards, enjoy a BBB signature martini or a healthy smoothie in our fireplace lounge.

All facials are suitable for gentlemen.
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